Hex Box – Medi Ermine Weasel Skull with Sonoran Blue – Gold


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The flashing purple sheen on this Philotes Sonorensis or Sonoran Blue compliments a beautiful balance of bone white and grey as it sets delicately atop a small ermine weasel skull on a backdrop of sliced agate with glittering quartz and miniature starfish around it.

The arrangement is enclosed inside a 2.25″ glass leaded vintage keepsake box meant to be showcased flat for desktop display or propped on it’s side to rest on a shelf giving the appearance that the elements defy gravity.

Our Hex Box arrangements come in 3 sizes and every arrangement is unique. Mix and match to have a dynamic set for your home display.

Domestic natural elements found here in US with the butterfly specimen sourced from local collectors in Southern California.

The Captured Flight Collection was created from a family innovation passed down from grandfather to granddaughter that features butterflies encased in vintage glass enclosures to capture each specimen in a way that their intricacies can be appreciated in their entirety.

All featured specimens have been sourced from sustainable aviaries around the world.

For best results please do not place in direct sunlight as this may damage the specimen over time.

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Dimensions 2.25 × 2.25 × 1.5 in


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