Captured Flight – Medi- Amethyst Gift Set


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Medi Amethyst Gift Set celebrates the February Birthstone in a lovely offering of natural materials meant to alter your mental, spiritual, and physical spaces.

Butterflies symbolize metamorphosis and in this set it celebrates our own transformations. The properties of Amethyst are said to enhance not only energy, but our own natural abilities.  This gift set features several aspects of amethyst that one can use to tap into that power with an amethyst chip infused jojoba oil and amethyst roller applicator, an amethyst Gua Sha massage tool, and a raw amethyst specimen.

To enhance your transformative experience we’ve also included a small besom smudge of raw cedar, lavender, and desert sage along with a medium sized abalone smudge dish.

Gift Box includes

1 Medi size (3.5) glass enclosed real Graphium Weiskei butterfly specimen
1 Amethyst druzy raw specimen
1 Amethyst chip infused juniper, bergamot, and organic jojoba facial oil roller with amethyst applicator.
1 Amethyst GuaSha massage tool
1 Besom smudge of raw cedar, lavender, & desert sage
1 Medium size abalone shell smudge dish

All featured butterfly specimens have been sourced from sustainable aviaries around the world.

For best results please do not place butterflies or crystals in direct sunlight as this may damage the specimens over time.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in


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